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Business sectors

Whether you're a global market leader or just starting to export your products, you need well-localized texts. In other words, you need texts that are technically, legally and culturally accurate, which do not sound translated and will be well received in your target market.

The majority of our business is generated in the technical sector, mainly in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. We also serve customers working in finance, law, marketing, software and IT. We have long-standing successful working relationships with well-known companies based on many years of customer satisfaction.


Roots in the region

We believe in Germany as a business location.
Our internationally orientated customers are at home all over the world, something that goes without saying in a globalised society. The majority of our customers are headquartered in our region. Our business partners in the state of Baden-Württemberg value that TransMission is located nearby. We are more than happy to arrange face-to-face meetings whenever required.

Service quality

Your success is our success.

No matter which sector our customers work in, we are interested in your products. We are always happy to meet with you in person. Personal contact lays the foundation for a good working relationship. And if things ever need adjusting, this strong foundation will enable us to find a good solution together.

Proactive communication is especially important in a partnership. Your dedicated point of contact will respond promptly and professionally to your project requests and clarify any questions relating to your project.

We will try to meet your desired deadline wherever possible. Once we commit to a deadline, you can rely on us to deliver on time. And on the rare occasion that the deadline must be postponed for some unforeseeable reason, we will inform you immediately and find the best alternative for you as soon as possible.