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Translation team

We work with a large pool of excellent, experienced translators. Qualifying new translators is part of our daily business. All translators translate into their native language. We take particular care to select the right translator for each project.

When we qualify new translators, we evaluate the translation quality as well as the service quality in a weighted system. During production, the translator's quality is checked on an ongoing basis and quality standards are continuously refined. We support our translators along the way with technical training and support.

Our translators are part of our team. We build up a dedicated translation team for every customer and, by doing so, strengthen knowledge of the product for everyone involved in a project. By communicating customers' requirements in a structured manner to the entire team, we avoid rework.

Because of our sustainable resource management, we are a reliable business partner for our regular translators. By working for a particular set of our customers, they can better plan their workload.

We pay good rates for good work. We are committed to fair trade in the translation industry. We prefer short supply chains and source translators directly in the target market or in Germany.

If you're interested in working for us, please send your application via the contact form.